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Denise's Careers

My Careers

Getting to know someone involves learning what they have accomplished during their life. Who I am today involves knowing what I have done with my life. So far, I have earned four college degrees, including an MBA, and two graduate level certificates. My three careers have each involving writing. What I term my fourth career, a passion that has spanned more then three decades, is genealogy.

As a Journalist

During my first career, I worked as a journalist for daily and weekly newspapers. As a writer (news and features) or editor of weekly and daily newspapers, I worked for The Jamestown (ND) Sun and Lodi (CA) News-Sentinel. I also wrote for US Army weekly newspapers in Japan (Camp Zama), Germany (1st Battalion, 41st Field Artillery), Ft. Hood, TX, and at Ft. Huachuca, AZ.

Perhaps my years as a news and feature writer, and editor, is why I believe that the unrestricted exchange of information is itself a corner stone of our democracy. For, to restrict information also restricts the ability of a people, any people, to act intelligently. During the early months of 1997 I met the man who authored and was the legislative father of the Freedom of Information Act, John Emerson Moss.

In the Military

My second career was as a member of the US Army. I retired from military service in March 1983. The first half of my military career was spent as a journalist.

The last half of my military career was spent as a senior investigator with counterintelligence, cross trained in criminal investigation. I also graduated from the Defense Language Institute from the Basic German course.

I spent nearly six years with the 527th Military Intelligence Battalion, 66th Military Intelligence Group, assigned to the Mannheim Field Office (later Mannheim Resident Office) between January 1977 and June 1982.  It is during those later years in the military that I helped preserve the freedom we all enjoy in the United States of America.

While an investigator for counterintelligence, I received the Humanitarian Service medal for assistance during the evacuation and intelligence processing of Americans from Iran.

As a Technical Writer

I am currently in my third career, still working as a writer now at 21 plus years in Silicon Valley. I am the lead technical writer (resume) with Varian Medical Systems. The company produces radiation treatment equipment, and the software to both control the process and manage patients and treatments, for use in treating cancer.

If professional links are of interest, see the technical writing links.

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