Fritch in Ohio

Fritch in Ohio

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John Fritch -- Ohio Pioneer

During the 1970s I corresponded with two other genealogical researchers working on the Fritch surname in the North American continent. The Internet did not exist at the time, so our exchange was via mail.

I sought information that would identify my Loyalist Fritch family who migrated from Philadelphia to New York City to New Brunswick following the Revolutionary War.

Another Fritch researcher, Rev. Robert (Bob) Fritch of Philadelphia, was seeking his colonial roots.

The third Fritch researcher of your little group was Ralph G. Fritch of Melrose, MA. Ralph was researching John Fritch (or at least that was the Anglicized version of the name) who migrated to Pennsylvania prior to the Revolutionary War, then moved into Ohio as a pioneer settler.

In December 1986 I sent a Christmas Card to Ralph and Nancy (his wife) after a couple year break in correspondence. Nancy promptly responded with heartbreaking news.

"I was glad to receive your letter with your address, so I could write you and report the sad news. Ralph died September of 1985 after a brief bout with cancer. His official retirement date was August 30 of '85 and he had planned to spend a lot of time getting his genealogy papers in order."

Ralph never had the time to spend his retirement years working on his genealogy. I recently spoke with his daughter, Pamela. She tells me that she and her brother have kept the many boxes of information Ralph had collected, and which Nancy kept until her death in June 2000, in the attic of the family's old home.

May 1, 1976 Ralph had sent me a copy of the working edition of his genealogy. Pamela has approved my publishing that genealogical information, assembled by her father, at this web site. The genealogy that Ralph had compiled, titled "Ancestors and Descendants of John Fritch - Ohio Pioneer" is given by Ralph Fritch to the genealogical community.

At nearly nine megabytes,  "Ancestors and Descendants of John Fritch - Ohio Pioneer" is a bit large for quick searches.  From this page you can open and view the full book file, or visit the Fritch Gen or Fritch Index to view the family data or index to the book, or right-click on the link and download a copy. As with the other files from this unpublished manuscript, the Acrobat file is security locked to allow only low resolution printing. Copying of information is also prevented. You will need Acrobat Reader 6.

"Ancestors and Descendants of John Fritch - Ohio Pioneer"

I dedicate this small section of my web site as a living memorial to Ralph Fritch and his dear wife, Nancy. May the existence of these few pages on the Internet keep their memory alive.

Revised: 10 Feb 2008 20:47:20 -0800.

Revised: 10 Feb 2008 20:47:20 -0800.