John Moss and Gore

John Moss and Gore

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John E. Moss and Al Gore

As Al Gore's 2000 presidential campaign moves into its final months, The Washington Post has run a series of articles about the Democratic candidate. In that series, the Post identifies Gore as a member of John's oversight and investigation committees. One part of a paragraph from one article of that series states:

'It was obvious to his colleagues and the subcommittee staff that Gore was uncommonly competent as well as aggressive. John E. Moss of California, the venerable First Amendment liberal who drafted the Freedom of Information Act, chaired oversight and investigations during Gore's first term, and trusted the freshman so much that he virtually turned the subcommittee over to him months before his retirement. Even though, as one staff member said, Gore was "not the most huggable guy around," aides clamored to work on his hearings. He shared their fascination with detail, loving, as colleague Dennis E. Eckart of Ohio noticed, "to drop down to levels C, D, E and F of an issue."'

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