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Resume and Samples

In addition to an online version of my resume, this site includes an Adobe Acrobat (version 6) and Word copies of my resume. View (using Adobe Acrobat reader) or download a copy of the resume from this topic. Or, download and view the Word format of my resume.

You might also be interested in my full professional background or one of my major outside activities, the company my spouse and I formed.

Below are eight writing samples in Acrobat or help (.chm) files.

ChartQARefGuide (3.89854 MB) -- The reference guide describes the setup, purpose, use, and procedures of a new application. The application outlines a patient's treatment and shows charges for the previous period, allowing sign-off by the doctor. (2006)

Creating an Acrobat Library CD (1.32 MB)  -- This is a publications group document written to describe how to create a multiple Acrobat document library with cross-volume search between the Acrobat documents. (2004)

ArchiveRefGuide (929 KB) -- An Acrobat reference guide describing a database backup and extract application. (2004)

DeluxeRptsRefGuide (8,328 KB) - A very large Acrobat reference guide describing 109 specialty reports (setup, sorting, and a page sample). (2004)

FrameToPDF (999 KB) -- A publications group document that describes the process of creating an Acrobat file from a  FrameMaker 7.1 book file. The original document was written in FrameMaker 7.1. (2004) (3,703 KB) -- The zip file contains the compressed Acrobat copy of the Treatment Reference Guide. The publication was written from scratch for a new product, a treatment machine Windows interface, while the product developed. The product contains no menus. Instead, the reference guide was designed to follow the patient treatment and the five areas of the treatment interface. (August 2003) (2,500 KB) -- A companion to the treatment interface, this is the help system (.chm) for the Treatment Administration application. The help system was also designed and written from scratch as the application was developed. A more detailed Treatment Administration Reference Guide was also written for this application. (August 2003)

DesigningRpts.pdf (2,161 KB) -- The Designing Reports Reference Guide is an updated version of a guide written in 1999. The new version is rebranded (product name changes), updated to FrameMaker 7, partially rewritten, and several procedures corrected. The guide defines how the user (Oncology clinics) use InfoMaker (Sybase's report writing tool) to create new reports or modify existing reports to obtain data from the VARiS Vision database. (August 2003)

Update.pdf (746 KB) -- An update manual condensing changes to four manuals designed to accompany a product upgrade. (November 2001)


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