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This page contains links to web sites and pages having to do with transsexualism (gender identity disorder, or gender dysphoria).

As Internet URL sites seem to frequently change, some of the sites listed below may have moved. For many more web site addresses, use the search engines available for the Internet.

bulletGeneral Information
bulletMedical and Surgeons
bullet Surgeons in Thailand
bulletFemale to Male Special Links
bulletTS and Employment
bulletSpecial Links
bulletHelp for Families of TS


The web sites represented by the links below all offer information about transsexualism (gender dysphoria or gender change). These are just a few of the web sites available.

If you are seeking organizations in your area for assistance, see the third grouping below. These organizations will help you locate counseling and support groups in your area.

For a full listing of web sites, use the search engines available on the Internet.

General Information

bulletAbove & Beyond - GENDER
bulletInternational Transgender Online Magazine
bulletTransgendered Forum
bulletThe Transgender Network
bulletTranssexual Women's Resources
bullet Qualities of a Gender Counselor
bullet The Process of Acceptance in Transsexuals
bulletHormones for Feminization
bullet Coming Out as Transgendered
bulletTransition Letters
bulletdmoz TS Links (FtM, MtF, intergendered, and much more)

Medical and Surgeons

bullet Dr. J. William Futrell (new to the list - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - both F2M and M2F -- see also www.annelawrence.com/futrel10301.html))
bullet Dr. Toby Meltzer (Now Arizona)
bulletGay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Health Webpages (Seattle, WA)
bulletTransGenderedCare (Tampa, FL)
bullet List of Professional Counselors
bullet The Medical Viewpoint
bullet Notes on Gender Transition, By Anne Vitale Ph.D.
bullet Indigo Pages Sex Change Surgeon Info
bulletSubjects Relating to Transsexualism, Becky Allison, M.D.
bullet Transsexual Women's Resources, Anne A. Lawrence, M.D.
bullet Developmental Issues in Transition
bullet Dr. Schrang Patient Information (Wisconsin)
bullet FAQ: Hormone Therapy for M2F and F2M Transsexuals
bullet Interview with Shoshanna Gillick, MD
bullet Linda's Gender Reassignment in Montreal
bulletTranssexualism, Transgenderism, Gender Dysphoria and Gender Identity Disorder
bulletPost-Operative dilators (stents)

Surgeons in Thailand

bullet Dr. Preecha Tiewtranon (Preecha Aesthetic Institute, Thailand)
bullet Cosmetic and Sex-Reassignment Surgery (Chonburi, Thailand)
bullet Phuket Plastic Surgery Center, Thailand
bullet Dr. Bhumsak Saksri MD - Neo Plastic Surgery Center (Bangkok THAILAND)
bullet Dr. Choomchoke Janwimaluang MD - Samui Gender Reassignment Clinic (Koh Samui THAILAND)
bullet Dr. Greechart Pornsinsirirak MD - Yan Hee General Hospital (Bangkok THAILAND)
bullet Dr. Kamol Pansritum MD - Gender Reassignment Surgery Center (Bangkok THAILAND)
bullet Dr. Paiboon Chitprapai MD - Sex Change Clinic at Bangkok Hospital (Bangkok THAILAND)
bullet Dr. Pichet Rodchareon MD - Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Bangkok THAILAND)
bullet Dr. Sirachai Jindarak MD - Deja SRS Center at Deja General Hospital (Bangkok THAILAND)



bulletAEGIS (American Education for Gender Information Service)
bullet Atlantic TransGender - Canadian Atlantic Provinces
bullet Chicago Gender Society
bullet TransWest - Transgender Association of Western Australia
bulletGender Education and Advocacy
bullet Gender Identity Center
bulletGender Identity Clinic of New England
bullet Gender Mosaic
bulletGenderPac Homepage
bullet Gender Trust -- UK Based Organization
bulletGianna E. Israel Gender Library
bullet Gulf Gender Alliance - USA Gulf South Area
bullet Harry Benjamin International Gender Association
bulletHuman Rights Campaign
bulletIFGE - Web Site List
bullet IFGE - Organization List
bulletIngersoll Gender Center - Seattle, WA
bullet Inner Discovery Network
bulletIntersex Society of North America
bulletPress for Change (UK organization)
bulletThe Renaissance Transgender Association
bulletTransgender Liberation & Care -- Victorian, Australia
bullet Sex Change Indigo Pages - Male to Female Surgeons
bulletGenderBridge (TS support organization in New Zealand)

FTM Special Links

bullet Dr. J. William Futrell (new to the list - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - both F2M and M2F -- see also www.annelawrence.com/futrel10301.html))
bulletFTM (Female to Male) International
bullet Allerderm Scar Repair
bulletDr. Brownstein Surgery Homepage
bullet FTM Chest Surgery
bulletFTM Passing Tips
bullet In Between: Sammy's Transition Journal
bulletMy Montreal Journey (F2M surgery)
bulletPMT GelShapes
bullet Lycos M2F Links
bulletTransMan's Information Project

TS and Employment


Lucent Employees' Workplace Guidelines for Transgendered

bulletTransitioning at Work
bulletTransgender at Work
bullet Transgendered Employment Links

Special Links

bullet Myth, Stereotype, and Cross-Gender Identity in the DSM-IV

Help for Families of TS

bullet When You Love the One You're With
bulletStraight Spouse Network
bullet Multiple Family / TS Links (F2M and M2F)
bullet My Transsexual Father
bullet Emme and Sadie


bullet Protection Against Discrimination for Transsexuals
bullet Employment Discrimination for the Transsexual
bullet Discrimination Against Transgendered People In America
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