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Events and Witnesses Included in GEDCOMS

Tying a single event to multiple individuals (for example, a census with the family and others recorded for a specific residence) is important in genealogy. There are times you will find multiple families (three or four generations) living together. If you are lucky, some of those individuals are identified in a census as 'mother-in-law', 'father', 'grandchild', or by other names. Each of those finds helps you with information about the special individual, yet the relationship of with whom that individual is found offers important data too. Genbox allows you to record a single even and identify other individuals recorded in that event and their relationships. Unlike other high level genealogy applications that do not export those relationships (identified as 'witnesses') to a GEDCOM, Genbox does export witness information. From my own records, a witness export to GEDCOM shows:

1 RESI 826 Granger Avenue
2 DATE BET 8 DEC 1943 AND 1945
2 PLAC Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, Michigan, United States
2 _WITN @I14@
3 _ROLE Wife
2 _WITN @I1@
3 _ROLE Child
2 _WITN @I15@
3 _ROLE Daughter

This is a residence event listing for my father in the GEDCOM showing three 'witnesses', "_ROLE Wife" (my mother), "_ROLE Child" (myself), and "_ROLE Daughter" (my sister). Pocket Genealogist accepts this GENCOM export, using the specific role entry to place the same residence information (date range and location) in Pocket Genealogist's listing of events (with a "w - " preceding the entry) for each of the three 'witnesses' to the event.

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