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Both Allison and I search out and record information about our ancestors. That information includes descriptions of the lives of those ancestors, not just the basic facts (birth, marriage, and death).

NOTE: If you are looking for the web site section describing Windows based genealogy applications and utilities, or genealogy software for Palm or PocketPC  PDAs, see the Genealogy Software section.

Allison is a new comer to genealogy. I started researching my four major lines in the mid-1960s. During those years, I published a couple of articles in genealogical periodicals and was a major contributor to Sylvia Wilson's book, Huyck in America.

I am a member of several genealogical organizations, including the Association of Professional Genealogists, for which I was the Review Section Editor, APG Quarterly, from Spring 2001 through Fall 2003.

Denise's Research

bulletBoyer (1700s, Pennsylvania; 1800s, Ohio; and, 1850s on, Michigan)
bulletFritch (1700s-1779, Pennsylvania; 1779-83,  New York; 1783-1830s, New Brunswick; 1830s-1910, Ontario; and, 1880s and on, Michigan, North Dakota, Oregon, California)
bulletHuyck (1700s -1817, New York; 1817 - 1860s, Ohio; and, 1860s on, Michigan)
bulletLongnecker (1730s -1830s, Pennsylvania;1830s -1870s, Erie Co, New York; and, 1870s on, Michigan)

Allison's Research

bulletKueny (1866, New York port; 1870s - present, California)
bulletMoss (1770, England; 1880-1923, Utah; 1923-present, California)
bulletWest (1820s, New England; 1830s, Ohio; 1852-present, California)

You will also find individual surname query pages for each of the surnames identified above. See the list to the left. I urge anyone researching these surnames to leave queries or information. And please, remember to include your email address. In the the few short months during 1998 that these forum pages were active, several ties between family lines and individual researchers were made.

I am also including a descendents list for my third great grandparents (maternal lineage) - the Huyck line - and a short history of the Fritch family, United Empire Loyalists during the Revolutionary War. If you have a connection to either the Fritch or Huyck families, please Email me and we can exchange information.

Finally, a new addition (and still being added) is information provided to me by Ralph Fritch, a correspondent during the 1970s and 1980s.

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