Guest Log - 2002

Guest Log - 2002

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Date: 1/13/02

Time: 9:21:08 AM


I think your site is very nice and informative. I would like to be able to access more results and information on the effects of hormone treatments on male-to-female transsexuals. In particular, what results to expect, for example, using Estradiol 3mg/day and Sironolactone 200mg/day. My age is 48.

Date: 3/3/2002

Time: 9:24:04 AM


I think the site is informative and I would like to thank Dr. Biber and staff for all their works and supports

Date: 6/12/2002

Time: 8:09:54 AM


I want to thank you for this very informative site, I have a friend who is very depressed about her sexuality and thinking about change. I offered to try and find info on the web about female to male sex change, not a easy task. It seems 99% of the info out there is geared toward male to female change ( am I surprised) you are the only site I found and I thank you as does my no longer so sad friend. reading the diaries was a great inspiration to her. keep up the good work.

Date: 10/27/2002

Time: 8:28:58 PM


Hi you two,

My wife and I are currently working out the details of our marriage and the impact that transition has had, and will have, on it. Finding your website has been a timely and encouraging blessing. She has been adamant, and passionate, about continuing the relationship, even as it evolves to different levels that many do not have the opportunity to experience. Just as I am grateful to her, I thank you for sharing your experiences which have given her more information (albeit subjective in nature) by which she can strengthen her resolve in the face of much opposition. Interestingly, much of what you have stated, we have discussed between us, so it was with surprised pleasure that we read your account (esp. "TS and Marriage"). Much love to you, and blessings for your future.


Alysyn Ayrica Bourque

Date: 11/13/2002

Time: 9:19:38 AM


I can still remember the first time I heard the term transsexual. Never before had I fit into any "group", I didn't feel gay, or like a lesbian, but like a heterosexual male trapped inside the body of a female. I am so thankful for this website, I just hope that I will be able to reach a place financially and within my family to where I can contact Dr. Biber and have the surgeries.


Date: 12/19/2002

Time: 7:42:13 PM


just a wonderful informitive and insperational presentation, i too have just started the last stages of this long and sometimes painful journey. although i have kept my priorities more as a struggle of economics & accademics as my own perceptions i burried other needs deep within my own physicie in order to afford the necessities of life without being held hostage or at the mercy of others. hence if the right person would make an apperance in my life, at this time, it would be great but its like trying to win a lottery!!! anyway i have not too many regrets, although ive done this trip solo.....all the best to both of you!!! sincerly shirley

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