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Date: 1/3/2003

Time: 5:05:49 PM


Dear Denise Hi from Australian W-O-M-A-N Network I have just written a snail-mail letter to Dr Biber seeking his support for our human rights campaign for people with TS in Australia after reading your bio on him. Thank you very much for your own efforts on our behalf.

Karen Gurney

An incorporated association

PO Box 5162 Cranbourne Vic 3977 Email:

The Australian W-O-M-A-N Network lobbies for the rights of Australian women with transsexualism; coordinates campaigns aimed at influencing/changing laws affecting our rights to human dignity, privacy and freedom; seeks to inform the wider community about what is happening politically and legally about events and issues that affect our lives; and provides a resource and information place for all women.

4 January 2003

Dr Stanley Biber
San Rafael Hospital
United States of America

Dear Dr Biber

A request for support of TS human rights in Australia

The Australian W-O-M-A-N Network is a very new organisation which has a primary aim of improving the circumstances of people who live with transsexualism. In the space of about six months we have grown to where we are now the largest such group in this country.

We are currently lobbying our state government of Victoria for the right to obtain Birth Certificates that correctly reflect our sex. The process we propose relies on existing legislation and argues that the Registrar should use her statutory discretion to correct the registration on the basis that, while inspection of genitals and gonads by the doctor attending the birth is statistically reliable, in the case of people with transsexualism (and other intersexual conditions) it is not. We further argue that our true sex at birth is that determined by our brain and not our reproductive organs. Our submission to our Attorney-General, Rob Hulls, can be viewed on our website at

If we are successful, we will also frustrate the attempts of our federal Attorney-General, Daryl Williams, who has appealed the recent Family Court decision granting us heterosexual marriage rights since we will have full legal status without qualification. The court decision can be viewed at

If you are willing to do so, we would greatly appreciate you taking the time to write to our State Attorney-General, The Hon Rob Hulls MP, Parliament House, MELBOURNE 3000, Australia expressing your support for our submission and asking him to give it favourable consideration. This is a basic human right and will ensure our dignity and privacy are protected in the future. If you use email, Rob's email address is <> and the address of his Senior Legal Adviser, Louise Glanville, is   Please copy us with any correspondence you originate.

Many thanks and best wishes for 2003


Date: 1/17/2003

Time: 11:04:32 AM


this is great you know. i really felt like my own stories were being told i mean till the part where the sex had not been changed. i would love to get a sex change too. female to male. i just do not know enough but this was helpful. maybe someone will like to help me? it would be like a dream come true if i can be a HE. i love her so much and if i don't be one i cannot be with her. because of her and my family.

Date: 3/9/2003

Time: 6:22:41 PM


i like to know more about this sex change surgery from a woman to a man

Date: 3/22/2003

Time: 2:15:32 AM


Just discovered your site. You've come a long way since the early 90s when we met in Millie's group and at the BAPMF. Congratulations. Diane G.

Date: 4/8/2003

Time: 8:10:45 AM


i like the pic of ur dog

Date: 4/8/2003

Time: 6:16:59 PM


Dear Denise & Allison,

Stumbled across your web site today. Was pleasantly surprised and delighted. I am M2F pre-op trans>>4 + years HRT>>counseling>>group therapy>>on-line trans trans>>groups>>etc. I will be back>>have installed you on my favorites My e-mail is Thanks girls

Date: 5/26/2003

Time: 6:51:18 AM


Best wishes to web site owners!

Your site is great!


Stephen W.

Date: 8/23/2003

Time: 4:53:56 PM



I am trying to reach Dr. Biber. He did my M-F several years ago nand I have a couple of questions for him. I did a web search for him and it brought me here.

This looks like a very interesting site, especially for those of us who desire - and have received - the surgery which aligns our bodies with our souls.

Thank you.

Have a great day, and God bless!

Date: 12/29/2003
Time: 11:39:30 PM


This message is for Allison. Do you remember me? I was your TA at Washington High School. I hope you're doing well!



Allison says yes, she definitely remembers you and asks that you write her at




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