Guestlog - 2004

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9:09:58 PM


Denise, Joe of Hawjnj fame here. My oldest son now works in San francisco. ILM studios for george Lucas. He lives in San Anselo. I have missed chatting with you and wondered how you were doing. Please let me know at Josephs@ (10 months will retire) or Shawzam1118@. really missed you! Joe

Date: 4/26/2004
Time: 11:12:29 PM


Hello, site looks great!


Date: 5/7/2004
Time: 6:31:50 AM


my great thanks you all of y'all

Date: 7/31/2004
Time: 5:32:41 PM


hello there. you don't know me but i was just passing through and thought i should leave a note. my full name is Samuel R.C. Moss from London, England, so you can see why i liked the website! just thought you'd like to hear that my family have lived over here for far too long, we managed to trace the name back to a Viking invasion off the eastern side of Scotland. anyway, keep up the good work, and i hope your families aren't as messy as mine!

From an e-mail dated September 7, 2004:


My name is Summer. After reviewing your website "Denise and Allison's home" I just felt very compelled to write you to say that this is one website I hope you keep maintained and open. I for one, like many, have searched the web thoroughly, and have read literally thousands of websites on the topic of transsexualism, but I find yours to in the top 3 three of the best sites on the web. Its thorough, accurate, and chalk full of good advice and insight. In a word its sound.

So many of us search the web frustrated and dissatisfied with the information being published. Trying to stay sane and grounded through the transsexual journey usually is an arduous task anyway, and all the more when you encounter "blown out of proportion" information left and right.
Thank you for ongoing selflessness and compassion in keeping your site running. I will visit often.



To Summer and all those who visit, thank you. I am always happy to learn that even a small portion of the comments and experiences recorded at this site are still helpful to others. After so many years, and as Allison and I move toward a different type endeavor (alpaca ranching where we are Calpaca, AOBA, and ARI members), I do occasionally wonder if the site should remain.

     Denise L. Moss-Fritch

Date: 12/28/2004
Time: 9:58:03 AM
Remote User:


just finished an insightful book about MTF change, but I would like stuff on FTM. or just meet different women like me, who are attracted to women!

Date: 12/30/2004
Time: 1:16:50 PM
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Hello Allison and Denise,

Allison, you might remember me as a slightly rebellious teen who stayed with you and Cara for a year off and on while going to school at Mc Clatchy. I thought I would look you and Cara up to say hello. Happy to see you have found someone to love. I would love to chat with you sometime and get caught up. My email is: <xxx>.

Heather Hubbard-Wright



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