Guest Log - 2000

Guest Log - 2000

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9:51:25 AM


Hi Denise,

Tried to write to you at work, but message was undeliverable. Just wanted to see how you and Allison were doing and let you know that my wife and I have finally bought our dream condo in Brigatine NJ. Two bedrooms and two baths overlooking the lagoon. beautiful view from the balcony of the lagoon, inlet that separates Atlantic City from Brigatine and the Atlantic City skyline.

Things have gotten quiet at work. Y2k over, year-end over and 1099's sent out. Getting caught up with tasks here was no time to do. Yes, overtime is now a bad word<G>.

Hope things are working out for you and Allison.

As always, beat to a TS Lady

Your friend, Joe

7:12:51 PM


As a former resident transsexual from the Bay Area, I must tell you that I agree with your comments on the subject of what is a transsexual. Keep up the good work and keep the faith. Joan Renee DuGrosse.

Date: 3/23/00
Time: 9:50:19 AM


Hi ,

My name is marny i am 28 year's old married with two boy's 6 and 8.I live it Utah i really admire you two and love your web page i fell i love with your cat;s when i seen then on your web page they are beautiful, i've alway's want'ed a perseian, i am not a intersexed person,i just got threw reading the book called as nature made him the boy who was raised as a girl by john colapinto.

Date: 3/27/00
Time: 11:25:30 AM


hi girl's

i wanted to tell u that i"m admire your work and i think that your work is so important and nesscery to clear all the fear's and the mis-understoonding about the transgenderd subject. i"m not a transsexual but still i think there is alot of thing's to do and to change , espacially for the youth who struggle their own fight's right now just for living truthfully with their own real agenda. keep on doing what u belive in .

roy 23 n.y n.y

Date: 5/29/00

Time: 12:22:56 PM


This site is great, it wasn't what I was looking for but I'm glad I found it. I've bookmarked it for future rererence. It is really great that people such as yourselves take the time and trouble to do things like this. I will sit down some time and write my story so far in case it is of interest to you or others. I think I am a quite rare case, I have been accepted by 99% of the people that I know and the company that I work for is fully supportive. Many thanks, Elaine S. Williams.

Date: 6/14/00

Time: 10:03:16 AM


I love your pages. I have bookmarked them so I can find them later. I too am a T/S M2F and have a small group here in Phoenix, Az. called the A Rose. Denise Shaw

Date: 6/15/00

Time: 12:25:34 AM


love the site! i am intersex, and feel like i was assigned the wrong gender, so i can relate to what you have been thru. i am considering becoming physically the man that i am, so am always interested to read other transpeoples stories. there was a lot of good information and i will be back. love the cats- i have two also. theyre my boys. keep up the good work. sam i am in ohio

Date: 6/17/00

Time: 8:39:40 AM


dear denise, i am a transgendered male with a female orientation. thank you for helping girls like me love bobbimarie

Date: 7/1/00

Time: 3:04:31 AM


I am also a TG M-t-F and in transition, cogati 275 from 255 one year ago. My E-Mail is and I have posted a link to my home page for you. I will be going to a Psychologist soon for the Hormone Treatments, and have come out to a co worker that is a Gay Male. He will be a Mgr of another store, and will have me there as I really am. Female.

Date: 7/10/00

Time: 6:09:13 PM


I am a straight female, but have lost 34 gay male friends to AIDS. I feel like I am a liaison between the worlds. The first m to f I met was several years ago, and bless her heart, she was pretty obvious. But she was a lovely person!! I empathize with all of someone who has ALWAYS been female and have ALWAYS associated with and identified with that gender, I can only imagine the confusion, the persecution, and the agony you all have gone through. As someone with a pre-med degree as well, I can also imagine the pain you have gone through to have your body match your true gender. Bless you all...there must be extra angels for those of you with such crosses to bear. How wonderful in this day and age to have this surgery more available than it was to Christine Jorgensen!!!

Date: 7/29/00

Time: 2:06:10 AM


Hello Denise and Allison my name is Terra and I am a Post-op transsexual myself. I have been very fortunate through the years and have had a lot of support from many friends and don't know how i would have made it without them. I wish you all the best luck in the future and keep your head high and faith with carry you to your destiny!!

Terra Lawless

Knoxville, TN.

Date: 11/15/00

Time: 7:20:39 PM


My name is Chyna E. I was born a hermapodite and live and work full time as a woman.

Date: 11/20/00

Time: 8:59:51 PM


Hi Denise,

I was and am very happy to find your web site. I am a pre-op transsexual that has been under going hormonal reassignment for the last 1 1/2 years. I have a good support base outside of work. But I am now at the point to were I need to take the last step and inform my company of my situation.

I can't express my level of fear I have put a lot into my work and so fear that I will be cast out with no where to go after as it is a small world and all network type contacts I depend upon will also hear the facts.

I live in san Jose. Please wish me good luck as I am sure to need it.

Thanks for your more than excellent work on this www site.



Date: 11/26/00

Time: 7:51:45 PM


Hi my name is Michelle I am a transsexual. I am glad that there are people I can talk to. I am forty two years old. I am an addict. I have been clean for fourteen and one half months. I used drug's for most of my life. I did that to hide my feelings. I was in the closet all my life till one year ago. Today I live as a women six out of seven days. It is not easy facing all the people in my life. Today I am happier then I ever have been. I am my self. I am not living my life in a lie. I have a long way to go. I am doing the right thing. That is why I am glad for sites like yours. Thank you.

Date: 11/29/00

Time: 11:08:23 PM


Hi, Denise!

I just read your experiences page. I've worn my hair long for about 20 years, and I've been wearing makeup for at least half that long. But it wasn't until this year that I voted in a skirt. No one looked at me crooked or anything!

I posted my experience on the MTF message board at Planet Out, and made a friend!

Today, however, a salesman telephoned me, and asked for me by my male name. When I said, "speaking" he hung up. he must not have believed me. I have a naturally feminine voice. I don't give in to sales calls, anyway, but I don't appreciate rudeness, either.

Hyatt "Dorothy Vader" Brooks

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