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Thanks for visiting Denise and Allison's Online Home. This page is for you, the visitor to our web site, to leave messages about the site itself. Please leave your comments in this public guest book so I can share your thoughts with other visitors.

With the start of each new year I have archived the previous year's guest log comments. To view comments from the guest logs beginning in 1998, just the links located at left.


There have been heavy attempts (20 to 30 posts daily) to spam this site with lists of porn, financial, and other links. Because of those attempts, up until now all posts are delayed. as I was posting messages by hand.

As those spam messages have continued, I am ending all guest pages and forums as of June 10, 2006.


Date: 1/13/2005
Time: 2:32:13 AM


Hi, just stumbled onto this site. I am a 55 yr. old married individual. I just went to therapy yesterday and saw a psychologist who specializes in Gender identity disorders. I was diagnosed as a transgendered lesbian. Finally learning who I am!

This site is real nice. Love Jamie

Date: 4/9/2005
Time: 4:46:54 AM


Hi Denise,
Its been a while, however I hope you are doing really well.
Ms Ashley Hall

Date: 5/28/2005
Time: 12:45:31 PM


hi im 26 in mountairy nc hope everything is working out.

Remote Name:
Date: 17 Aug 2005
Time: 16:57:35


Just found your site while Googling for Master Genealogist. I like the sunflower "buttons" to navigate your site. Nice job.
--- Greenville, SC

Remote Name:
Date: 26 Sep 2005
Time: 17:56:20


what age do hormones start

(RESPONSE -- Hormones begin in pre-natal and end only with death. Some medical procedures use hormones, food additives can include hormones.)


Remote User:
Date: 30 Nov 2005
Time: 11:41:50


Hi Denise,

So glad to hear that Sylvia is doing well. Do you know where I can purchase her Huyck book?


Marilyn Buch Novack
Menomomee Falls, Wisconsin 53051

RESPONSE -- Marilyn, I forwarded your posting on to Donna, a relative of Sylvia who has the remaining copies of the Huyck family history. Sylvia, 94 early in 2006, is now in a nursing home after breaking a leg. As with us all, Sylvia is getting older.

Denise L. Moss-Fritch

Remote User:
Date: 14 Apr 2006
Time: 08:27:08


Hello Ladies and thank you for this Great Site. I'm a Crossdresser Considering the biggest decission of my Life. thank you agin for Being You.


I was searching on the web in hopes I could find a cheaper place to purchase my transsexual hormones when I came across your sight. I read a lot of your sight and wanted to let your readers know that being transsexual is one of the most toughest lives one can ever live.

In today's life you hear of ministers priest and other church offices doing wrong sexually within the church it's self. I am a firm believer in God and the bible. I believe that what goes around comes around. Years ago when I moved to Nebraska I started living full time as a woman and I felt the need to go to church and fallow my faith. I had found a church that I like and went for a couple of times when I was asked to stop buy the office to chat with the minister. He pulled me aside and asked what sex I was I was shocked and played out as long as I could then I had told him a couple of days later and he kindly asked me not to come to his church anymore. It took several attempts to contact him and meet with him but he agreed to meet me at my home. We talked a very long time and he prayed for me a lot. (so he says) after about 6 months or so I was asked to come before the church board and I was questioned for about 2 hours. They then voted on weather they were going to allow me to become a member or not. After 2 days I was called on a Friday night and I was asked by the minister if I could be at church that Sunday 8:00 AM service. I was there in my Sunday best.

I also after a few years of going met this wonderful man who looked past my outside and deep into my soul. He was the best thing that ever happen to me. We are going to be married this June. The man that I meet at the church was also the same man who told me to leave and never return. I guess what I want to say to all your readers is death is not the answer. Keep kicking and screaming until they do really notice you.



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