Huyck Descendents

Huyck Descendents

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Huyck Family

 Decadency Chart of Henry Huyck

The following decadency chart -- see the link below to display the Adobe Acrobat display -- includes three generations:

bulletParents - Henry and Catherine (TEED) Huyck
bulletChildren - The children of Henry and Catherine, along with their spouses.
bulletGrandchildren - The children of each of Henry and Catherine's children, along with their spouses

Along with the name of each individual, and a box chart showing the relationships, you will find some birth (shown as b.) and death (shown as d.) information for each individual. Complete information (events) for each individual are not included in this short chart. Nor are sources for each listed birth and death included. If this information ties into your own researches, please write me. An email link is found at the end of the chart.

A view of this family's westward migration can be seen on the Migrations of a Huyck Family page.

Henry Huyck's Descendents


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This decadency report was printed to an Adobe Acrobat file (printing and copying have been disabled),

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