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Migrations of a Huyck Family

The map above outlines the migrations of one family -- Henry and Catherine (TEED) HUYCK and their children. Henry was born in Columbia County, New York. (far right point) Just before 1800, Henry and Catherine married, apparently in or near Teedsville, located in Delaware County, New York. (second point)

In 1817, Henry, Catherine, and their first children, arrived in Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio. Henry and Catherine remained in Norwalk the remainder of their lives. They died in November 1851 and January 1852 respectively. As the map shows, the couple's ten children joined the westward migration that occurred during the decades preceding the Civil War.

Some children remained in Ohio, either in Huron County, or moving westward into Fulton and Williams counties. Other children migrated westward with their families into northern Indiana and Illinois, several locations in Iowa, Kansas (not shown on this map), Wisconsin, and several locations in Michigan. You will find more detailed (although limited and without sources) on a decadency list of the first four generation of this family, beginning with Henry and Catherine.

The basic genealogical information is imported into Family Atlas for Windows. The resulting map was enhanced with lines of migration, then captured with SnagIt, a screen capture application, as a .jpg file.

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