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Lead/Senior Technical Writer

Denise L. Moss-Fritch

Work experience 2000 - Present Varian Medical Systems. Palo Alto, CA

Lead Technical Writer

§    Researched and planed documentation (print, electronic, and help) for the ARIA Practice Management and 4D Integrated Treatment software projects consisting of approximately 30 publications and online help. Prepared documentation plans and project schedules. Designed and wrote user, administrator, and database API and report writer guides (print and online help) for a Windows and Citrix client/server based medical systems software used in cancer treatment. Wrote information for administrator, oncologists, treatment technicians, admission clerks, and other levels of users. Designed two multi-volume auto-starting libraries of publications and help on a CD, including an interface and cross-publication searches. Assigned and monitored projects by contract technical writers. Mentored and trained permanent technical writers.

§    Accomplishments:

- Created two self-starting multi-volume Acrobat libraries of publications that permitted cross-volume searches. Added online help and samples to the library CDs.

- Wrote instructions to standardize creation of FrameMaker-to-Acrobat manuals and to create large libraries of cross-volume search enabled publications.

- Added 'single sourcing' of common modules used across global publications, FrameMaker and RoboHelp projects. Stored modules in one location and linked (by reference) those modules to each manual.

- Managed the weekly global tech pubs meetings between USA, Canada, and three locations in Europe.

- Writing corporate level pubs directives, such as online help implementation plan, publications project plan for system release, and more.


1999 - 2000 Cybertek/PMSC (Mynd Inc.) Campbell, CA

Lead Technical Writer

§     First technical writer to work for the ViLink Product Group. Set up processes and procedures to create a publication department. Identified publication needs, then outlined the content, and wrote documentation (install, admin, HTML help, and API guides) for WinNT based client/server life insurance e-commerce software. Identified and planned documentation projects, preparing documentation plans. Described the XML data extracts and DTD structure of life insurance policy information transmitted to field agents via the Internet, then displayed on ASP (active server pages).

§     Accomplishments:

§     Designed the first print and online help systems, along with creating templates and styles for both.

§     Authored the basic elements of a customer web help system with instructions for expansion of that system.


1997 - 1999 IntelliCorp, Inc. Mountain View, CA

Senior Technical Writer

Worked as a lone technical writer in-company. Designed and wrote software two versions of an installation guide for a web based product. Converted a printed guide to electronic format using Adobe Acrobat. Used RoboHELP to design and write Windows level context-sensitive classic help for two Windows NT based, client/server business modeling (the SAP R/3 reference model) software. Identified and worked to correct missing coding for context-sensitive help, and missing help elements in GUI design of dialogs. Designed and produced HTML version of help system for company’s Internet web site.


1994 - 1997 MediaWay, Inc. Santa Clara, CA

Senior Technical Writer

Worked as a lone technical writer in a software start-up. Designed and wrote user manuals, installation guides, API manuals, and a programmer's guide to the SQL of the multimedia database using Microsoft Word. Converted printed publications to electronic format using Adobe Acrobat. Used RoboHELP to design and write classical Windows help. Designed and produced HTML product help and an installation guide using FrontPage.

Product line migrated from a multimedia client/server database API, to specialty multimedia client/server databases, to a client/server multimedia database used by the pre-press industry.


1991 - 1994 MTC, Inc. Mountain View, CA

Technical Publications Manager

Hired and managed two writers and one graphic artist. Hired and trained two San Jose State University technical writing students as part-time interns. Designed and wrote a customer software training guide, and two Windows help systems. Eliminated much of a 40 plus back log of outdated software and hardware publications.

Product line included software controls and hardware used to create, duplicate, and sort microfiche used to store inventory, product sale data, and financial information.


1988 - 1991 Atari Corp. Sunnyvale, CA

Technical Publications Manager

Hired and managed two writers and one desktop publisher in-company, and multiple writers and artists for game, computer software, and hardware publication contracts. Supervised photography used in annual reports. Developed translation system, monitoring multi-lingual translation of game, software, and hardware manuals.

Product line included computer games, software, and hardware for home use.



1980      San Jose City College      San Jose, CA

AA, Physical Science (Chemistry)


1979 - 1982      Univ. of Maryland      Heidelberg, Germany

AA (1981) - Business and Management

BA (1982), Business (Accounting major)


1986 - 1987      Golden Gate University      Los Altos, CA

MBA, Management


2000 - 2004       UCSC-Extension     Cupertino, CA
                               (Certificate Programs)

Managing the Development of Technical Information


Team Development


Project and Program Management

  Plus numerous professional technical writing, computer, and journalism courses.

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