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The Master Genealogist

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The Master Genealogist

The Master Genealogist (TMG), produced by a private software company (Wholly Genes, Inc.)  is one of two genealogical software products directed toward the user interested in event driven records. By events, I mean all happenings within a persons life, not just the standard (BMDB) data:


The major problem I see with TMG is the user interface. It is not the standard Windows interface, instead requiring multiple clicks of the mouse to change focus of your work area or open windows. For example, to move from one active data entry area (such as events) to another (such as flags, to the left of the Age column (not shown because of space), you must first click on that new area. After shifting focus to the new active area, you must then double click to open any existing tags (event or flag for instance). That is three clicks in this interface to one in a standard Windows interface.

There are also information display problems. You can assign a source to a child tag on a parent's Person View to show what information connects the two. However, in printing that child's family group sheet, that source information is cited with the child, not the parent, so there is no way to identify the source information.

With TMG, you can record every variation of spelling of an ancestor's name, each location in which they reside, every award, educational or professional accomplishment, every event in their life. If you wish to learn more about recording name variations for an ancestor, you might wish to read:

"Recording Name Variations"

Once you have information recorded in TMG, you can use the Custom Report Writer (CRW) to search through and locate information. With CRW, you can create customized reports based upon criteria you designate, printing those reports to paper, a file for use with your word processor, or to a list (pick list) within TMG. To learn more about creating customized reports, read:

"Making your report say what you want

Using The Master Genealogist

Learning to use The Master Genealogist is assisted through videos (three, with the third also as a DVD). A book is also available, titled "Getting the Most Out of The Master Genealogist" (ISBN 0-9721567-0-4). You will find the videos, DVD, and book advertised at the Web Store at the Wholly Genes Software web site.

The Web Store also offers additional genealogical utilities that work directly with the database files of The Master Genealogist. See the Genealogical Utilities section for information.

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