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In the mid-1980s, what is today the Ultimate Family Tree was first introduced by a small company (CommSoft, Inc.) as Roots. Years later, after several versions of Roots, CommSoft created a Windows based version of their software for another company, Palladium International, Inc. After the arrival of Roots V, CommSoft sold the Roots software to Palladium and this genealogy software became the Ultimate Family Tree. During 1998 and 1999, Palladium was bought out by The Learning Company, then by Mattel.

Updating Note: If you are interested in purchasing and using this software I recommend you first subscribe to the email list identified below. Since the purchase of The Learning Company by Mattel of UFT, Family Tree Maker, Family Origins, and one other genealogy software product change has been constant. Whether UFT will survive as an independent product simply isn't know.

NOTICE -- May 19, 2000 the demise of Ultimate Family Tree was announced. The software will not be enhanced or bugs fixed. Support from the company will be limited through 2000.

The Ultimate Family Tree  is one of two genealogical software products directed toward the user interested in event driven records. By events, I mean all the happenings within a persons life, not just the standard:


While UFT is more structured than The Master Genealogist (TMG), UFT has a true windows interface and an excellent Windows help system. UFT offers Pedigree charts with documentation for each entry, something TMG doesn't offer. While both genealogy applications offer full documentation to data entered, UFT allow you to be a bit more precise. Instead of documenting both the date and location of an event as does TMG, UFT allow the user to assign documentation by part of a date (day, month, and/or year).

To learn more about the capabilities of UFT, visit the web sites listed below. These sites are crated by some of the extensive system of user groups first organized by Roots, then expanded by UFT.

bulletRoots User Group, Arlington (VA)
bulletBay Area Roots User Group

There is also a UFT Internet list available. You can subscribe to the UFT list at the following location:

UFT List

You will also find a communication list on the Genealogical Forum for UFT.

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